GSA Becomes Global Strategic Accountants

GSA, formerly General Solutions Associates, has changed their name to Global Strategic Accountants.

Alpharetta, GA- For Immediate Release

General Solutions Associates, LLC, also known as GSA, is changing its name to Global Strategic Accountants, LLC.  The new name is a better representation of its global customer base and the most comprehensive set of accounting services for the telecommunications sector.

GSA is widely regarded as the premiere Regulatory and Tax Consulting and the Compliance Outsourcing firm in telecommunications.  GSA serves the USA and many international telecom companies on five continents.  GSA has broadened its services for the financial needs and back office responsibilities of its customers.  Global Strategic Accountants, LLC, will continue to expand its reach to companies inside the telecommunications field and beyond.

“GSA recently completed negotiations with several international customers making our company truly global.  We now serve telecommunications companies on five continents which is amazing.  Serving such a broad customer base has given GSA a strategic role in the industry and we are grateful that the market continues to accept us as advisors and partners.” said Matt LaHood, chief executive officer of GSA.

Global Strategic Accountants, LLC, recently announced two new concepts for the industry which will make it easier for international companies to enter and compete in the North American market.  The first concept is a Telecom Carrier Incubator or TCI ™.  A TCI is a specially outfitted Wholesale carrier with a Tier-1 class OSS, BSS and certified regulatory back office practice.  The second carrier model is the equivalent Aggregator for the mobile industry called an MVNI™ which stands for a Mobile Virtual Network Incubator.

Both the traditional TCI and MVNI are designed for the most rapid of deployments for resellers.  “We are thrilled with the industry response to carrier standard incubators under the certification GSA provides.  It serves startup companies and existing resellers. It is the most natural pathway to growing a business in telecommunications without sacrificing your valuation due to improper regulatory performance.  It is the best of what a carrier can bring to trade partners.” stated Karine Vosberg, GSA’s Business Development Manager.

“We have had an incredible transformation over the years.  We are no longer the boutique audit and audit defense company we started back in 2003.  GSA is now its own provider of automated tax and regulatory reporting with a suite of software solutions.  Also, we provide comprehensive administration of tax and regulatory fees remittance for hundreds of carriers.” Added Joe Solana, GSA President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Global Strategic Accountants, LLC, seems to embody the purpose and value our company now offers the market. With our suite of Regulatory Back Office products under the RBO™, the industry is able to utilize a full-service partner who provides transparency in their business practices.   No one should accept such an important business operation through “black box providers”, stated Matt LaHood. 

For more information about Global Strategic Accountants, LLC (GSA), visit our website at or contact Karine Vosberg at [email protected]