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Founded in 2002, GSA has successfully enabled its clientele to break into and prosper in the ever-changing environment of telecommunications and information services within the US and abroad. Our telecommunication audit consultants and experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the following:

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GSA Clients

Who We Serve

GSA Serves all types of Businesses Offering Data and Communications Services

Interconnected VoIP Providers:

Fixed and Nomadic, Virtual Office and Virtual PBX Call Center Providers

Wireless Providers:

ETC designees, Wireless resellers MVNOs

CLEC Providers & Internet Service Providers:

Facilities Based and Re-Seller CLEC Providers, Data CLEC Providers, Internet Service Providers

Inter-Exchange (Non-Dominant) Common Carriers:

Facilities-based & Switchless Resellers, Wholesalers & Prepaid Calling Card Providers, Operator Service Providers, Multi-Location Discount Aggregators

FCC/USAC Fund Recipients:

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Compliance Reporting:

A GSA telecom auditing expert can prepare and file your monthly, quarterly, and annual state and federal telecommunications tax and regulatory reporting requirements. Our staff are ready to assist in maintaining your compliance and helping you prepare for a telecom audit.

  • USAC/USF Reporting
  • Federal & State Compliance Reports

State Sales Tax Rating and Filing:

It is imperative that you adhere to telecommunications compliance wherever your business may be based. GSA offers multi-state tax filings by jurisdiction and pre and post-invoicing tax rating services.

Complete Federal & State Licensing & Registration Services:

GSA will help you determine the proper Federal and State registrations and licenses needed for your service type including jurisdictional tax registrations. Our full service Registration and Licensing team will prepare and execute your Licenses and Registrations through completion.

  • 47 USC 214 AUTHORITY: IXC facilities based & reseller
  • 47 USC 312 Authority: Satellite Earth Stations
  • 47 USC 34 AUTHORITY: FCC Submarine Cable NPRM

Treasury - Bookkeeping and Corporate Income Tax:

Global Strategic Accountants, LLC is the trusted advisor for tax policy for hundreds of carriers throughout North American and from five continents. Managing the back-office accounting and other accounting functions such as cash flow management, vendor administration and reconciliations of various income and expense streams can be the difference between success and failure for growing companies. Whether you are a Sole Proprietor, LLC partnership or a corporation, GSA has the expertise and automation to efficiently handle your corporate and personal income taxes.

Regulatory / Compliance Review:

GSA telecom consultants review and evaluate all available public licenses and the regulatory history of your company as well as identify any gaps. This is valuable for potential acquisition candidates to determine the potential liabilities if purchased. In addition to tax/regulatory/compliance review, GSA also offers a plan for remediation of any gaps that are discovered. We are experienced in filing for all types of firms and product offerings.

  • Review/Evaluate all public licenses and compliance history and identify any gaps.

USAC Defense Audit:

GSA has firsthand experience with USAC defense audit cases. Our telecommunications compliance team will audit your USF forms and supporting data, in a similar manner that USAC would conduct. The result of this audit will illuminate any gaps in your process and data. We stand behind this audit and will appear and assist in any USF defense should the need arise.

  • USAC type audit of forms and supporting data

USF Statement of Agreed Upon Procedures:

Certain states, such as Nebraska, require telecommunications companies that have intrastate traffic to complete an audit that will certify that all calculations of USF and processes associated with the collection of data used to calculate USF are accurate and complete. At the Federal level, similar to the state audit, our telecommunication audit consultants will certify that all calculations of USF and process associated with the collection of data used to calculate USF are complete and accurate, resulting in the expedient fulfillment of your Statement of Agreed Upon Procedures.

  • Nebraska
  • Federal

RBO® TEM (Telecom Expense Management)

RBO TEM is a Software as a Service product that provides Cost Control and Revenue Assurance by:

  • Eliminate Overcharges from Carriers to Resellers
  • Find Unbilled Services from Resellers to Customers
  • Automated SaaS Replaces Manual Carrier Invoice and Contract Auditing

Carrier Billing Issues:

GSA will assist in resolving billing disputes that arise during normal course of business. Our expertise will be instrumental in collecting past due funds. The carrier billing issues we handle include:

  • CABS Disputes and Collections
  • Invoice Disputes

Corporate Structuring:

For clients beginning new telecommunications services or existing companies seeking to structure services and telecommunications taxes or accounting, our telecommunication consultants review and coordinate with accounting and legal firms to maximize the efficiency of the Client’s corporate structuring strategy. GSA maintains registered agents within all 50 States. GSA can secure federal and individual state trademarks based upon the Client’s strategy and budget, particularly for those seeking to secure their markets based upon protecting trade name, trade dress and services, or Prepaid Calling Cards. GSA maintains relations with various patent and trademark attorneys for infringement claims or defense.

  • For new or existing companies and services, GSA will review and coordinate with accounting and legal firms to maximize the efficiency of the corporate structure.

PUC & FCC Complaint Resolution:

GSA telecommunication audit experts advise and prepare defense of Complaints, and Compliance before State PUC / PSC and FCC and USAC disputes.

  • FCC Surcharges
  • USF
  • Payphone
  • PICC

Tax Rating and Remittance

  • GSA experts advise and remit taxes based on your business.

Registered Agent Service & Secretary of State Compliance

  • GSA will act as your registered agent, as required for offering service outside of your home state, and complete your Secretary of State Annual Reports to keep your State Qualifications in good standing.

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GSA offers custom consulting services as well as turnkey solutions.