GSA is Hiring – Senior Manager, Regulatory Research

Senior Manager, Regulatory Research

Global Strategic Accountants LLC, a leading practice in Tax and Regulatory consulting and services with customers from five continents, is seeking a highly motivated individual to join our accounting and consultancy practice. GSA is in Alpharetta, GA.

Position - Senior Manager, Regulatory Research

This position serves as manager and supervisor of the Research Section within the Regulatory Research Department.

Description & Responsibilities

This position is the expert advisory role to the EVP, President and CEO of a leading telecommunications/energy tax and regulatory firm. Accordingly, it participates in the design, implementation and evaluation of Public Service and Public Utility programs, assigns reports, schedule reports and creates filing policies in all domestic jurisdictions and Canada. The position also requires immediate interpretation of new Public Service and Public Utility requirements, data requests and regulatory posturing obligations by unique state specific carrier type. The role reviews drafted legislation, federal rules and policy, as well as agency orders to assess impact on the client.  This position's duties also include researching, advising and assisting the EVP, President and CEO on a frequent basis. The position will require client interaction daily and will require on-site visits for client onboarding.

Qualifications/Education and/or Experience Requested

Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Must be adaptable, flexible, and able to work independently to accomplish tasks in a time sensitive manner.  Knowledge of:  state and federal laws impacting utility legislation; how to handle adversarial interactions; how to negotiate reasonable solutions; effective research techniques; ability to: plan, direct and coordinate activities of a complex, interrelated and interdependent nature, where unknowns and numerous contingency factors are involved; work with outside parties and establish a working relationship in order to accomplish program goals; interpret existing and proposal laws, policies and procedures and how they relate to utility regulations; assess the client specific impact, operational and organizational implications of existing and proposed legislative, policy and program decisions; formulate firm policies, procedures and guidelines; and serve as technical advisor and liaison with internal staff, clients and staff, industry, affiliate groups and local, state and federal agencies.  Analytical and computer skills required. Testing of analytical, computer and research skills will be part of the interview process.


GSA is located in Alpharetta, GA.


Compensation based on experience.

Reference Number


How To Apply

Submit your contact information and resume to [email protected]. Please note the reference number for the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.