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GSA ensures that our clients have access to the information they need to run their business, when they need it. We offer the following systems through our RBO® (Regulatory Back Office) Suite of Services to help you manage your tasks and give you transparency into how we manage our services to you.

RBO® | Regulatory Back Office
RBO® | CertTracker
The RBO® CertTracker by GSA is an Exemption Management Service where GSA will manage and validate your customer exemptions using our CertTracker tool for efficiency and audit defense.
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RBO | Telecom Expense Management
The RBO® TEM (Telecom Expense Management) by GSA is a software-as-a-service product that systematically audits invoices from wholesale telecom carriers as well as independent and local exchange carriers or resellers. TEM replaces manual efforts and ensures that resellers are not double-taxed and that the correct regulatory rules are applied to the bills achieving Cost Control and Revenue Assurance.
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RBO® | NoticeTracker
The RBO® NoticeTracker by GSA is the most comprehensive, audited, and flexible way to manage notices, allowing you to track our receipt and progress for each and every notice, supporting collaboration with you, our clients. GSA offers full support for all notices as a component of our Secretary of State and Registered Agent bundled service, as notices come for many different reasons.
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RBO | Regulatory Back Office

FTP Access

The RBO® FTP Access by GSA allows you to easily upload files to your GSA Compliance Specialist; Secure and Simple.
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RBO | Regulatory Back Office


The RBO® LicenseHQ by GSA takes the pain out of licensing by allowing GSA to do it for you.
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