Lifeline Re-certification

Every year Eligible Telecommunication Carriers(ETC)are required to re-qualify their subscribers’ eligibility for the Lifeline program. This validation along with other required information is filed on form 555. If you need help with this or any other aspect of your ETC compliance please contact GSAssociates for assistance. You can follow this link to get more information on form 555.

GSA Offers new Carrier Credentialling Certificate Management Tool

GSA launches new business document tool

RBO Cert Tracker™ allows quick storage, management and retrieval of required forms and documents.

Atlanta, Ga — GSA, a leading provider of regulatory, tax and compliance solutions to the telecom industry, has announced the launch of RBO Cert Tracker™. The new tool is designed to meet the needs of telecom providers with multiple documents, exemption certificates and time-sensitive paperwork to manage.

“This is a key addition to our innovative suite of back office business resources,” says Joe Solana, the company’s president. “From W9 forms to complex contracts and attachments, as well as corporate credentialing and revalidation—RBO Cert Tracker™ provides a superior approach to keeping track of documents while minimizing cost.”

Now more than ever, forms and certificates necessary to meet government regulations must be securely stored and instantly accessible, he notes.

In designing the new product GSA heard the needs of clients who have to track, store and complete multiple forms for each company they do business with, says Samantha Macqueo, GSA’s vice-president for regulatory matters.

“Documents such as exemption certificates can be critical components to many telecom contracts, and mismanagement opens the door to very real risks,” she says. “With RBO Cert Tracker™ documents and certificates are stored and managed easily and cost-effectively.”

GSA plans to debut RBO Cert Tracker™ at the 2014 Cloud Partners Expo in New Orleans September 8-10, 2014. “This is a perfect venue to launch what our industry will agree is a well-designed and much needed management tool,” adds Solana. “We look forward to the opportunity to showcase its many built-in advantages.”

Based in Atlanta, GSA has been providing telecommunications consulting services and solutions to businesses since 2002.

For more information about GSA or its products visit them at or email Karine Vosberg at [email protected]