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Are you considering buying, selling or investing in a regulated communications or SaaS-based technology company?
Do you have questions, doubts or concerns regarding the target entity’s compliance with applicable sales tax laws and regulatory requirements?
Do you want to know how much it’s going to cost to clean-up the prior period non-compliance and/or mitigate against successor liability?
Wouldn’t it be nice to know the “Best” and “Worst” case scenarios and how to aim for the Best while avoiding the Worst?

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Regulated Asset Exposure Quantification Service

Combining “best of breed” legal and consultative professionals with industry-leading tax calculation technology and content, Global Strategic Accountants, LLC (GSA) has the answers. GSA has developed a specific practice with our Tax Analytics Lab to support buyers, sellers, investors and financial institutions with an efficient, affordable, and highly accurate solution to the historically burdensome, costly and wildly inaccurate process of determining a Service Provider’s financial exposure due to unpaid or underpaid Communications Taxes and Regulatory Fees. The pace of activity for mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and financing (debt/equity) is heating up in the Communications and Information Technology sector. As the sector expands, companies are looking to jump into the telecommunications and Software as a Service (SaaS) business through acquisition.

Due diligence is a necessary pre-requisite when purchasing, selling, investing in, or spinning off an entire company, a segment of a company, or a substantial asset. Before the completion of the transaction, each party to the transaction should be prepared to perform a proper financial tax, and regulatory review for past performance to ensure the underlying asset has been well protected through the activities of its owner(s). Otherwise, any failure of performance can affect the value of the asset you are purchasing.

Sales taxes and many regulatory fees apply to any sale or purchase, regardless of whether the target company is in a profit or loss situation, or whether the transaction is structured as an Asset or Control acquisition. The buyer and seller must understand the extent to which they may be liable for past and future audit risk and exposure to unpaid or underpaid taxes and fees.

What are the Benefits of Tax Due Diligence?

Underreported tax liabilities, non-filing exposures, failure to charge sales tax or pay use tax, and regulatory fee assessment errors can all result in potentially significant exposures. If a buyer is not aware of and protected from these risks, potential exposures can come to fruition that will negatively impact the expected return or profit on a transaction predicted in financial models.

Thanks to our revolutionary Regulated Asset Exposure Quantification Service, Due Diligence is attainable for YOU. Interested? Just complete the form here and we will send you more information. Why wait? Global Strategic Accountants CAN HELP!

Regulated Asset Exposure Quantification Service
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