Carrier Access Billing – 2014 Update

  • 2014 Update: TeleSphere and GSA sit down to discuss Best Practices and Upcoming events promoted together.

Hosted by Matthew LaHood, featuring Todd Tweedy from TeleSphere.

CABS revenue is there to help further bolster the carrier and the investment and give them a return on the investment that they made as being a facilities-based carrier. Companies are finding this as a necessary source of profit in an otherwise difficult market.

Being able to tie together the tariffs or the inter-carrier agreement with an actual rules-based systems that match that inside the system so that the billing is accurate. Because accuracy counts.

The reality is there has to be some proactive management, some proactive oversight.

Proactive clients are seeing a 98% return on their CABS billing. They’re looking at their rates and their tariffs, and updating accordingly. They are paying attention to what’s going on in the FCC reform. They are looking at interconnect agreements. They’re validating that what they’re billing they truly should be billing for.

GSA has found that the FCC and USAC are looking to the carriers to properly report their revenue, especially in the wholesale markets. Proper reporting is going to be a key issue in the coming years, as jurisdictions, especially FCC, USAC, NECA and all the state PUCs, department of revenue are all looking for collecting the right amount of revenue. So this is a key issue for GSA to make sure our customers get it right and we’re very thankful that we’re partnering with TeleSphere in this because we can get the greatest benefits out if it for our customers.

We are happy to talk to any carrier to really provide that extra revenue that they rightfully deserve.

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Matthew LaHood

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