Lifeline Biennial Audit

GSA wants their customers and other Lifeline companies to be aware of the new Biennial Audit. GSAssociates is a leader in Telecommunications compliance outsourcing and telecommunications auditing. We also integrate business rules testing into our clients B-OSS applications. If you are looking for an auditor or more information, please find us at

The FCC released the Wireline Competition Bureau’s final Lifeline Biennial Audit report procedures Docket 11-42. As most of our customers know, GSA is a leading provider and compliance outsourcing and third-party audits. GSA is prepared to support all ETC carriers required to comply in this biannual audit plan. We combine our telecom regulatory and salt processing acumen with over 80 years experience in all manners of audit procedures for telecom. We have dozens of lifeline services companies that call GSA their partner in business. GSA understands the requirement and the responsibilities of the third-party auditor and have already established an audit procedure and method that we’ve submitted to USAC for review. Having performed both financial and IS systems audits for our clients, we are uniquely qualified to provide this audit method with accuracy and efficiency.

Now that the order has been released, carriers have until April 2, 2015 to file their final audit report. However, the plan requires a submission of a draft well before the April second deadline. Carriers are required to comply may believe that they have significant or ample time to make a decision, but the audit procedures are extensive and selecting a third-party auditor sooner, rather than later, will ensure that the auditor and the carrier are prepared and will not be rushed or constricted in the audit analysis.

We encourage all required carriers to seek immediate advice and select their auditors. We saw the impact of a new order back in 2012 for our Lifeline carriers. In that order there was a requirement for re-validation of all customers by the end of that year. Many carriers delayed their response to that requirement to the the third or fourth quarter. Those that delayed their re-validation saw much higher cancellations than those that planned ahead. The risks to the carrier for lack of compliance with this order are no less significant. Both from a non-compliance and failure of the audit points are the high-risks. Please do not hesitate to contact GSA, or any other qualified auditor as soon as possible.

Posted on April 8, 2014 by Matthew LaHood

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